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Hunter Johnston
Consulting Contractor
Hunter Johnston is has built his career on the ability to apply logic, innovative thinking and ingenuity in the progression of smart cities, the future of interactive communications and networks, and the furthering of technologies that will collaborate seamlessly - a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.
Passionate about creating meaningful change and pushing the world towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. An experienced entrepreneur and leader with a track record of success in developing new businesses and teams. Adds value to the organization by cultivating high quality stakeholder relationships and lending strategic insights.
Prior to joining Think Big Partners in July 2016, Hunter worked with Tesla to develop the infrastructure and tasked with the development of consumer market bases and the supporting over $20M in business; operations in the St. Louis and Kansas City markets. Developed and built the business and maximized sales through customer service and product knowledge and customer education. Implemented all operational policies and procedures in order to satisfy the needs of the customer while helping Tesla achieve its sales goals.
Dynamic leader, with a unique “service leadership” emphasis. Proven track record of building high quality and highly functional teams to tackle large and complex tasks, especially as they relate to sales and marketing.   Takes the personal development of his team members as seriously as the advancement of business and both benefit as a result. Wide range of business operations experience.
A lifetime student of the auto industry and lover of all technology and as a result of a sort of automotive industry futurist. Proven track record as an intra/entrepreneur having developed retail territories from scratch across the Midwest for Tesla Motors. Experienced with management of the complex and often challenging socio/political factors that can come along with the work being done by truly disruptive firms.  Reputation for being relentlessly mission driven and big-picture focused. With his unique experience marketing, distributing, and operating, cutting edge electric and semi-autonomous vehicles, and his broad scope of ongoing work advancing the pursuit of innovation in the transportation and mobility sector, Hunter brings a very unique perspective to the developing the technology of tomorrow.
Hunter possesses a B.S. in Business Administration in Management from Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO.

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