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James Crawford
Project Lead Manager
James was recruited to Regent Power’s energy field management team because of his extensive experience in all facets of project management, LED design and installation, solar and energy storage installation and project integration, and team leadership.   Recognized as an efficiency expert and quality control leader, James brings a wealth of production and installation, assembly line, quality control efficiency and leadership for the assembly and production workflow management to the team.
Strategic, organized, and inventive production supervisor with over twelve years of experience managing the manufacturing assembly processes for LED, Solar, and various renewable energy and battery equipment manufacturing facilities. James utilizes established processes and procedures while proficiently developing process improvements and efficiencies. Proven ability to improve quality control and production efficiencies by applying extensive product knowledge to the assembly and Q/C processes. Creative problem solver, mentor, and coach for junior technicians.
His technical education includes Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology and a doctorate of Motors certification from Bailey Tech.  Additional Sheet Metal Fabrication, Welding, Electrical Assembly, Carpentry, and Hazardous Materials Awareness (State of Missouri).

mobile: (314) 359-7833

office: (314) 272-2589